The Original BFR

KAATSU® was the pioneer in the emerging field of BFR and remains its gold standard. KAATSU is the world-leading BFR modality with the industry's most precise technology that enables multiple benefits for users of all ages and abilities. It offers unique, customizable KAATSU Cycle and Constant modes. Whether your goal is to improve your fitness, significantly reduce your recovery time, or rehabilitate faster from injury, KAATSU can help you achieve your goals. The KAATSU equipment can be used anywhere anytime providing unparalleled convenience for people from all walks of life.

KAATSU Cycle Mode


The KAATSU Cycle Mode is an automated, repeated pressure sequence that allows users to customize both the duration and precise amount of pressure. In this mode, the pneumatic bands apply repeated and progressive periods of compression and decompression on your arms or legs. This distinct, patented feature of KAATSU maximizes safety and effectiveness for all users and purposes, even during passive use.


KAATSU Cycle Mode can be used during exercise, household activities, or at rest anywhere, anytime. The Cycle Mode is beneficial during warm-ups, recovery from vigorous exercise, rehabilitation of injuries, and for all aspects of athletic performance.

KAATSU Constant Mode


The KAATSU Constant Mode utilizes sustained pressure in the KAATSU Air Bands that can be set to either preset or customized pressure levels. The KAATSU Constant Mode pioneered BFR training where sustained pressure is applied to the arms or legs leads to systemic effects throughout the body. KAATSU was tested on 7,000+ cardiac rehab patients under the guidance of cardiologists at the University of Tokyo Hospitals over a 10-year period that identified the importance of safely modifying venous blood flow and not occluding arterial blood flow.


The KAATSU Constant Mode is typically used for intense workouts, more complex athletic movements, or as a part of a rehabilitation regime including aqua therapy.

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