Recover faster from travel, training, and competition

Muscle fatigue, inflammation, and soreness can set in whether you just finished a hard workout or competition. You can experience jet lag, lethargy, and insomnia after getting off a long airflight. Recovery is a crucial component of any active lifestyle and using KAATSU to enhance blood circulation and resetting your physiology will help your body feel its best in a shorter period of time.

The convenient, gentle and precise KAATSU Cycle done in the passive mode - or with light multi-joint movements - is a patented modality that helps resolve these physiological issues. Resetting your circadian rhythm and efficiently and effectively removing metabolic waste with the automated KAATSU Cycle is a unique feature of KAATSU equipment.

World champion Michael Andrew using the KAATSU Cycle mode to recover between preliminary heats and finals in his hotel room by effectively removing metabolic waste after racing.

Recovery is a largely overlooked edge to improve athletic performance and long-term physical wellness. KAATSU works as both a low-impact warm-up and a dynamic way to optimize your body's recovery so you can perform at your best every time you step on the field, gym, workout mat, treadmill, return from the office, or a long hike or bike ride.

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