Band Size Chart

How to Measure

ARMS: Measure the circumference of your upper arm above your biceps and triceps, just below the deltoid.

LEGS: Sit on the edge of a chair and measure the circumference of your upper leg, along your groin as high in the groin as possible.

Size Guide

Size Arm Leg 
Small (S) less than 11.5 inches (29 cm) less than 16 inches (40 cm)
Medium (M) 11-13 inches (28-33 cm) 16-20 inches (40-51 cm)
Large (L) 12-16 inches (31-41 cm) 19-26 inches (49-66 cm)
Extra Large (XL) 16-21 inches (41-54 cm) 26-32 inches (66-81 cm)